SMT(surface mount technology) Production Lines

Production equipment, advantages

Exland Technology existing owned SMT four lines, All Japanese Panasonic high-speed machines operation, 2+1 configuration, solder paste use Japanese products application,

The new reflow furnace and nitrogen generator are all lead-free processes. PCBA uses AOI for automatic inspection. For the main ICs such as BGA, QFN, and QFP, the process capability is even higher.

The product categories include automotive audio and video motherboards, GPS motherboards, network communication motherboards, medical motherboards, IPC industrial computers, monitoring equipment motherboards, barcode labeling machine motherboards and other products.

The High Speed Mounter has the ability to produce extremely precise 0201 parts and has a wide range of component sizes to reduce production time and increase production flexibility. FUJI NXT is extremely precise at 3μm. The auxiliary equipment includes solder paste thickness measuring machine, steel plate tension meter, BGA testing machine, reflow temperature measuring machine and other equipment to control the process quality at any time.